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8 April, 2022

World Wetlands Day

What are wetlands and why should we conserve them?

Wetlands are areas that remain in flooded conditions or with soil saturated with water for considerable periods of time. Although this term encompasses a wide variety of ecosystems, all wetlands share a fundamental property: water is the key element that defines their physical, plant, and animal characteristics and their relationships..


In our departments (Magdalena), we have one of the largest wetlands in the world, the Ciénega Grande del Magdalena, which is the largest lagoon complex in Colombia and one of the most strategic for life on the planet. It occupies approximately 4,280 km².
Our large ciénega and all the wetlands are sources of life since they are the veins and arteries of the landscape, they harbor great biodiversity, they are the nurseries in which many species spend their first stages of life and where they return to spawn, in addition to be sources of fresh water and protection for the coasts.

  A world without wetlands is a world without water…                                                                                                                      caring for and protecting them is everyone’s responsibility.

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